The Bride Lottery Fairytales™: Beauty Trilogy

Bride Lottery Fairytales: Beauty Trilogy by Caty Callahan

Includes three novels:

#5 Beauty and the Beast

#11 Ugly Duckling

#12 Sleeping Beauty

Trade sized paperback 5.5″ x 8.5″

256 pages

ISBN 978-1947743007

$18.00 plus $8.00 priority shipping.


Bride Lottery Fairytales™#5 Beauty and the Beast

A beautiful bride. A Greek devil.

A perfect marriage. A painful tragedy.

It took five long years for Kenna Brogan to get her life back and forget about the man who ruined it. Then out of the blue a reclusive man buys the farm next door.

Calvin Drake is horribly mutilated, the victim of a tragic crime. His days are in the darkness, hiding away from people. Then four year-old Nani Brogan walks into his life and everything changes.

Kenna Brogan is about to fall in love for the second time in her life. And she has no idea that the man she’s falling for is the same man who threw her back–her husband Calisto Drakos.

Bride Lottery Fairytales™#11 Ugly Duckling

Polly Swan has been in love with Jackson Tucker for most of her life. He’s handsome, kind, lucky, and he has the sweetest parents; he’s perfect. So when Jackson gets Polly’s name at the lottery she’s so happy she could die. That all changes when he tells her she’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to him.

Jackson Tucker has always been lucky until Lottery Day when his name is drawn with only one bride left, the ugly and clumsy Polly Swan. She’s so poor she’ll take half of his farm for sure in the divorce. Over the next two days he makes one mistake after another until Polly walks home in the middle of a thunderstorm and is flown to the San Francisco Hospital with a deadly heart infection. Only when she dies and he picks up the pieces of her life does he learn what a wonderful person she was. But why has her body disappeared?

A childhood illness, a bunny named Egg, and a patient named Bunny are about to change the lives of two young lovers forever.

Bride Lottery Fairytales™#12 Sleeping Beauty

Olivia Cooper has had a crush on Milo Brewster for most of her life. When he marries and then his wife dies, leaving him with two small children, she knows he will never be the same. But then tragedy strikes her own family when her parents are suddenly killed in a freak accident. Now she has one hundred and twenty acres to farm and three kids to raise.

Milo Brewster is no stranger to tragedy or raising children all alone, so he makes one small suggestion to Olivia Cooper on how to get hired hands to work her farm. Before he knows it, she’s hired forty of them and the rest of the town is struggling to work their own land. Then she shocks everyone by entering the lottery with the hopes of marrying an experienced farm hand.

What starts as the seed of love on Lottery Day sprouts, wilts, and sprouts again as two people in love struggle to find their way through tragedy and to each other. Sometimes dreams really do come true.