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Bride Lottery Fairytales 1 Red and the Wolf by Caty Callahan | Sweet romances with a fairytale twist

Bride Lottery Fairytales 1: Red and the Wolf

Nine men. Four women.

A killer with a gun. A woman with a pencil.

When tragedy strikes the small town of Lofgren, Kelly Riley finds solace on Shadow Mountain with a lioness and her three lion cubs. They will lead her into a world of danger filled with mischievous teenagers, dangerous bears, and a man called Andre the Wolf.

Atticus Brennan has a knack for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. It’s an affliction that seems to run in his family but only for the men named Atticus. Then one fateful Lottery Day he just happens to be in Lofgren when a beautiful city girl enters. Her name is Kelly Riley and she’s about to enter a world of danger. It’ll take patience and trust to lead her out.

Bride Lottery Fairytales 2 Mother Hubbard by Caty Callahan | Sweet romances with a fairytale twist

Bride Lottery Fairytales 2: Mother Hubbard

For four years, widow Emily Hubbard has struggled to feed her six children while fighting off the advances of wealthy Pierce Keegan. Then handsome Theo Graham buys the property next to hers and builds a prosperous ranch. For a brief shining moment, she thinks Theo could be their savior. Until he snaps at her children and tells them to leave him alone.

Theodore Graham has entered the lottery seven times and never been called. He honestly can’t understand it. Added to that, the Hubbard children keep coming to his house to borrow things–a hammer, a box of nails, his swimming hole, a pound of bacon. He knows Emily is having a hard time, but he’s tired of having her kids bother him when he’s trying to work.

Two desperate people are about to become the answer to each other’s prayers. But first a grumpy neighbor is about to get a lesson in humility.

Bride Lottery Fairytales 3 Pride and Prejudice by Caty Callahan | Sweet romances with a fairytale twist

Bride Lottery Fairytales 3: Pride and Prejudice

A broke young woman. A wealthy young widower. A ruthless banker.

When June Chandler’s father dies he leaves their family heavily in debt. Without farming experience or money she’s left with only one choice–to take out a loan from the bank that has a lottery clause. As long as she marries Cole Sherman, who has no money or no land, everything will be fine.

Austin Hathaway didn’t plan on falling in love with June Chandler. Her family has a mountain of debt. But once she starts babysitting his kids he can’t help but fall in love with her. Less than four hours after he marries June, the bank takes most of his bank account for June’s loan. His almost perfect marriage is over in a heartbeat. Suddenly there’s another man in her life and he’s in love with June too.

Two broken hearts are about to learn they can only heal in the arms of each other.

Bride Lottery Fairytales 4 Robert Hood and Little Jane by Caty Callahan | Sweet romances with a fairytale twist

Bride Lottery Fairytales 4: Robert Hood and Little Jane

A brunette, a blonde, a redhead. A man with a big wallet and a bigger heart.

Jane is a chameleon by necessity. Raised on the streets she knows a good man when she sees one and she sees one in Michael Shore aka Robert Hood, the man who takes from the rich and gives to the poor. But how could she possibly explain her gift without making him suspicious?

Michael Shore is used to street kids falling for him, but this one is different. She knows things she couldn’t possibly know and she’s insinuated herself into the lives of the wealthiest men in the country, his clients. The more he digs into her past the more an enigma she becomes. Not just an enigma, but a chameleon who changes her past and her appearance at will.

Two people from different backgrounds are more alike than they could possibly imagine. Cupid’s arrow will hit them both, but not before one of them dies, again.