Bride Lottery Fairytales™ #1 Red and the Wolf

Bride Lottery Fairytales 1 Red and the Wolf

Nine men. Four women.

A killer with a gun. A woman with a pencil.

When tragedy strikes the small town of Lofgren, Kelly Riley finds solace on Shadow Mountain with a lioness and her three lion cubs. They will lead her into a world of danger filled with mischievous teenagers, dangerous bears, and a man called Andre the Wolf.

Atticus Brennan has a knack for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. It's an affliction that seems to run in his family but only for the men named Atticus. Then one fateful Lottery Day he just happens to be in Lofgren when a beautiful city girl enters. Her name is Kelly Riley and she's about to enter a world of danger. It'll take patience and trust to lead her out.


Bride Lottery Fairytales™ #2 Mother Hubbard

Bride Lottery Fairytales 2 Mother Hubbard

Emily Hubbard is living on the edge. Widowed with six kids, she's trying to keep afloat and losing the battle. This past winter has been the leanest and she doesn't know how much longer they can continue borrowing things from their neighbor Theodore Graham. Sooner or later, she's going to have to get hitched or move her family.

Theo Graham has entered the lottery seven times and never come away with a bride. He's given up. Then six little kids start coming to his door asking to borrow things--a pound of bacon, a hammer, a plate of pancakes, his swimming hole, a box of nails, even his house. He knows Widow Hubbard is having a rough time of it, but she can't possibly expect him to keep feeding her kids. Or can she?

Two people with different kinds of misery are about to have their fairytale ending. Not getting a bride at the lottery is going to be the best thing that ever happened to Theo Graham.


Bride Lottery™ Perfect Husband Trilogy

Bride Lottery Fairytales Beauty Trilogy

Includes three novels:

#5 Beauty and the Beast

#11 Ugly Duckling

#12 Sleeping Beauty

Trade sized paperback 5.5" x 8.5"

256 pages

ISBN 978-1947743007

The Bride Lottery™

Sweet romances for young adults

Bride Lottery 1: Seven Sisters by Caty Callahan | Buy Now

1: Seven Sisters

Bride Lottery 2: Brennanmen by Caty Callahan | Buy Now

2: Brennanmen

Bride Lottery 2: Brennanmen by Caty Callahan | Buy Now

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8: Almost Sister

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9: My Next Husband

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10: Arranged

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11: Survivor

Bride Lottery 12: Wife for a Day by Caty Callahan | Buy Now

12: Wife for a Day

13: Lullaby

14: Charmed

15: Beautiful Stranger

16: Dying Wish

17: Talker

18: Bird Bride

19: Stolen

20: Lost

21: The Other Man

22: The Other Woman

23: My Brother's Wife

24: My Ex-Wife

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The Marriage Lottery #1: Hope and Mathew by Caty Callahan

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The Marriage Lottery #2: Montana and Daniel by Caty Callahan

2: Montana

The Marriage Lottery #3: Marissa and Ryan by Caty Callahan

3: Marissa

The Marriage Lottery #4: Patience and Malachi by Caty Callahan

4: Patience

The Marriage Lottery #5: Megan and Morgan by Caty Callahan

5: Megan

The Marriage Lottery #6: Caitlin and Grady by Caty Callahan

6: Caitlin

The Marriage Lottery #7: Shannon and Brian by Caty Callahan

7: Shannon

The Marriage Lottery #8: Maggie and Cooper by Caty Callahan

8: Maggie

The Marriage Lottery #9: Annabel and Brady by Caty Callahan

9: Annabel

The Marriage Lottery #10: Hannah and Connor by Caty Callahan

10: Hannah

The Marriage Lottery #11: Briana and Colin by Caty Callahan

11: Briana

The Marriage Lottery #12: March and Wyatt by Caty Callahan

12: March

The Marriage Lottery #13: Cat and Caleb by Caty Callahan

13: Cat

The Marriage Lottery #14: Becca and Gage by Caty Callahan

14: Becca

The Marriage Lottery #15: Bonnie and John by Caty Callahan

15: Bonnie

The Christmas Lottery™

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Christmas Lottery 1: Bridgefield by Caty Callahan | Buy Now

1: Bridgefield

Christmas Lottery 2: Horseshoe Falls by Caty Callahan | Buy Now

2: Horseshoe Falls

La Loteria de Navidad 2: Horseshoe Falls by Caty Callahan | Buy Now

La Loteria de Navidad #2

3: Jackson

4: Kawaii

La Loteria de Navidad #4

Brennan Brides™

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Brennan Brides 1: Escape by Caty Callahan | Buy Now

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Brennan Brides 2: Judgment by Caty Callahan | Buy Now

2: Judgment

Brennan Brides 3: Race by Caty Callahan | Buy Now

3: Race

Brennan Brides 4: Outbreak by Caty Callahan | Buy Now

4: Outbreak

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5: Witch

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6: Hunted

Brennan Brides 7: Betrayed by Caty Callahan | Buy Now

7: Betrayed

8: Decoy

9: Lady in Red

The Angel Lottery™

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The Angel Lottery #1: Choral by Caty Callahan

1: Choral

The Angel Lottery #2: Melody by Caty Callahan

2: Melody

The Angel Lottery #3: Aria by Caty Callahan

3: Aria

The Angel Lottery #4: Harmony by Caty Callahan

4: Harmony

He will send angels to guard over you.
(Luke 4:10,11)

The Divorce Lottery™

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The Divorce Lottery #1 Vegas by Caty Callahan | BUY NOW

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2: Niagara

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