Bride Lottery Fairytales 1 Red and the Wolf

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Bride Lottery Fairytales 1 Red and the Wolf

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Nine men. Four women.

A killer with a gun. A woman with a pencil.

When tragedy strikes the small town of Lofgren, Kelly Riley finds solace on Shadow Mountain with a lioness and her three lion cubs. They will lead her into a world of danger filled with mischievous teenagers, dangerous bears, and a man called Andre the Wolf.

Atticus Brennan has a knack for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. It's an affliction that seems to run in his family but only for the men named Atticus. Then one fateful Lottery Day he just happens to be in Lofgren when a beautiful city girl enters. Her name is Kelly Riley and she's about to enter a world of danger. It'll take patience and trust to lead her out.