Bride Lottery Fairytales 2 Mother Hubbard

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Bride Lottery Fairytales 2 Mother Hubbard

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Emily Hubbard is living on the edge. Widowed with six kids, she's trying to keep afloat and losing the battle. This past winter has been the leanest and she doesn't know how much longer they can continue borrowing things from their neighbor Theodore Graham. Sooner or later, she's going to have to get hitched or move her family.

Theo Graham has entered the lottery seven times and never come away with a bride. He's given up. Then six little kids start coming to his door asking to borrow things--a pound of bacon, a hammer, a plate of pancakes, his swimming hole, a box of nails, even his house. He knows Widow Hubbard is having a rough time of it, but she can't possibly expect him to keep feeding her kids. Or can she?

Two people with different kinds of misery are about to have their fairytale ending. Not getting a bride at the lottery is going to be the best thing that ever happened to Theo Graham.